Introducing the Folkscape Community

folkscape (fōkˈskāpˌ)
n. a place where like-minded folk assemble to learn together and support each other while navigating personal workscapes

The Self unLimited Folkscape is an online community for Self unLimited adventurers. It’s a place to meet and share stories and ideas that might inspire, encourage or challenge adventurers who want to navigate work differently.

Entry is free, ongoing and open to anyone. Members are not pestered with invitations to upgrade and pay for additional access.

In the Folkscape:

  • Members’ Directory – with a personal profile to let others know about yourself and to learn about others; and a search feature to find new friends
  • Kinfolk Groups – to create or join; a place for private conversations and sharing with a select group of Folkscape members
  • Social Feed – with the option to post, comment and Like, as you participate in online public conversations with whole community
  • Resources Library – free Activities to do, Stories to read, Podcasts to listen to, explanations of key Self unLimited Concepts, and collections of Recommended material
  • Premium Activities – extra Activities only available to Folkscape members
  • Gatherings (aka Live Online Events) – meeting place for scheduled gatherings with Self unLimited Founder and guests; sometimes just an informal chat, other times a useful presentation
  • Notices and Invitations – advice about future events; and updates on current events and community life


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The Community is governed by guidelines that all Members are expected to honour.

There’s restricted content in the broader Self unLimited Learning Commons that can only be accessed by those who have paid for specific Self unLimited Learning options.


* If you have enrolled in a Self unLimited Learning option, then you already have a Self unLimited account.