Introducing Self unLimited Founder, Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer, creator of the Self unLimitedTM concept and founder of Questo, is proudly from the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa as the Maori called it, New Zealand as it is commonly known, or Middle Earth if you a fan of the J.R.R. Tolkien movies. Bred from NZ stock, she’s typical of the cultural Kiwi spirit: Taking a lead in worldly trends; a Swiss-Army knife of skills to deploy to any situation; and a belief that you can do amazing things with few resources.

Never quite fitting in any work situation, she realised the need to chart her own adventure for her sanity and authenticity. This included marrying young, going to university (in her twenties), not having children, not staying in any one job for longer than 2.5 years, and founding her own business in the foreign country she moved to (Australia).

In her workscape she’s led teams while working for others, provided consulting services to clients in Australia and NZ, regularly blogged, been a leader in professional groups, spoken at conferences, created training courses, delivered training courses, lectured at university, influenced the design of university courses, mentored, and now written a book.

You can reach her on – she likes to hear how her ideas have helped others unlock their potential.

Photo of Helen Palmer