What is Self unLimited?

Self unLimited is an idea about your relationship to work. It’s an idea with the power to change how you orientate yourself to work and to change how you act in ‘doing work’.

Work is a source of income and a source of identity. It can be a source of control, a source of frustration and a source of disappointment. However, it can also be a source of joy, a source of purpose and a way to contribute to a greater good.

What is your relationship to work? What do you want your work experiences to be like across your lifetime?

A fresh relationship to work

Self unLimited is about you AT work, and you ABOUT work. It’s honouring the ‘voice’ inside that calls you to align what you do with what is important to you. (The word ‘vocational’ is related to the word ‘voice’.) It’s having a considered perspective about the Why, How, What, When, Who, Where of your workscape.

Self unLimited is about separating You as an identity, from your current job and employer. Many employees find their identity so integrated into their current job, that they can’t define themselves without that job. A Self unLimited orientation helps you define yourself and your relationship to work without reference to any single job or employer.

Self unLimited challenges the idea of a ‘career’ or a ‘career path’ – where the assumption is you make progress along a well-ordered path, reaching higher levels. Instead of having a ‘career’, we talk about having a workscape. Your workscape is a place you inhabit, that is shaped by you. It does not have to be a single job – you might work at many things at the same time. It does not have to be linear and progressive – you might work at something for a limited period of time never to return to that thing again. You define your workscape with what is meaningful or valuable to you.

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Potential shape of your Workscape

A Self unLimited workscape is defined by one of four potential Scenarios. So you can work in more than one of two traditional scenarios: ’employed’, or ‘self-employed’.

All Self unLimited Scenarios have at their core the mindset that “You are self-employed regardless of who pays you.” You see yourself as an organisation-of-one, regardless of which organisation is a current source of income, and without necessarily becoming self-employed.

In being Self unLimited, you choose the Scenario that best fits your circumstances. Importantly, no Scenario is more valuable than another; and the Scenarios are not sequential – you may go from 1 to 4, without ever doing 2 or 3.

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A new set of Responsibilities

Whichever Self unLimited Scenario you choose, you accept the idea that you take on seven Responsibilities. Each of the Responsibilities has an organisational equivalent. This makes it easier to see how what’s important to you can intersect and interact with what’s important to any employer.

Self unLimited provides a context and catalyst for you to explore and define each of these Responsibilities as they apply to your workscape. There’s the potential for freedom – along with risks and consquences.

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A short introduction and overview


 Take a dive into the core concepts of Self unLimited

Mindsets  Responsibilities  Workscapes  Scenarios  Journeys 

How Self unLimited helps you

Self unLimited doesn’t have the answers. It’s a framework for You to find the answers that are important to you.

We don’t have all the questions, or a full set of suggestions. Instead, we curate wisdom and knowledge from others with a strong or useful perspective – and it’s not necessarily our own belief or something we endorse. However, we are not You, and we don’t make decisions for You.

We curate and share sources so you have a diverse range of possibilities for finding insight and advice that’s a good fit for you. Access this bounty through one of our learning options or the book. In addition, join the Folkscape Community of other adventurers to learn and get support as you navigate work your way.

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The Self unLimited concept was created by, and is passionately spread by, Questo who is on a mission to generate meaningful workscapes.