Essential Mindsets in being Self unLimited

mindset [ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt]
n. a mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to, and interpretations of, situations.


Self unLimited is a different way of ‘doing work’. It’s a new way of thinking – and a way of being. You replace old assumptions with new ‘truths’.

There are three Essential Mindsets that shape a Self unLimited perspective.

I am self-employed regardless of who pays me

You don’t have to actually be self-employed, however you adopt the mindset of being self-employed and change the way you see yourself at work and in work. And with this perspective reset expectations on what control and choices you have. 

You don’t get to new places by following established tracks.
~ Carlo Rovelli 

I  lead myself as I direct my work adventures

As the employee inside an organisation you are typically lead by someone else about what happens to you at work. In the Self unLimited mindset, you share the responsibility with others for leading yourself. You don’t have to wait for an organisation to decide things for you – you can have your own vision and own plans. 

 The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.
~ Ayn Rand 

The grass is greener where I water it

The choices you make now – where you are – can have a positive effect. It can be tempting to look at other people’s situations and think that if you were them or there, then all would be right for you. Do what you can now, and if that doesn’t make a difference you are pleased with, then you can move to other places to be and thrive.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
~ George Bernard Shaw 


Shifting from traditional work mindsets to Self unLimited Mindsets

 Here’s some examples of the shift in mindset. Which resonate with you?

I have no control or power at work I always have the choice to leave or change my perspective
I can expect to be exploited I help people see the value I add and expect to be treated well
I should only work if I get paid Others can’t pay me enough, but I may do something for value other than money
Leadership needs to start at the top (of the organisation) I can lead myself, and by example at my own level today
Work is serious; it’s not supposed to be fun Work can be meaningful
My co-workers are competition My co-workers are a source of inspiration
My employer decides when my time is up I can decide when it’s time to move on
It’s their workplace It’s my workscape
The conditions by which I work, are decided by the current employer I shape the conditions that I want, and value, to do my work well


Learn more

Self unLimited learning optionsbook and Folkscape Community are ways to explore what these Mindsets might mean for you and your workscape – and what to do about that.

In our Stories collection, find examples of people who embrace the Mindsets of being Self unLimited.


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