Seven Responsibilities of being Self unLimited

responsibility [rɪˌspɒnsɪˈbɪlɪti]
n. the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decisions without authorisation

The essence of being Self unLimited is to accept You are responsible for a range of choices and actions for which You have control.  It is not a light thing to take on responsibility. It comes with freedom, risk, and consequences. Being responsible is the power you have for your workscape.

There are seven Responsibilities to adopt and cultivate in Being Self unLimited. Here is an overview.



the responsibility to lead and navigate my work adventures

strategy, direction, values – the big picture stuff that guides my choices and provides oversight for my workscape



the responsibility to express my values and intentions through action

policies, processes, code of practice, terms & conditions – my ‘operating system’ for doing and managing my style of work



the responsibility to shape the stories for which I am known

branding, marketing, public relations – what I am about; and getting the word out



the responsibility to connect with others meaningfully and help each other

networks, collaborations, alliances – who I know; and how I utilise the power and social capital in relationships



the responsibility to get and look after the things that enable me to do my best work

tools, facilities, infrastructure (soft & hard) – the things I need to have and to use



the responsibility to adapt myself and shape my workscape

performance, improvements, quality – the What and How of my learning and development



the responsibility to define and create the value I seek from work

delivery, accounting, administration – what is the currency-of-choice for what I do and how I get that

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Self unLimited learning optionsbook and Folkscape Community are ways to explore what Responsibilities might mean for you – and what to do about that.

Check how well you currently rate in the seven Responsibilities by doing the Self Evaluation.

Read the story of Mike (told over 10 episodes), where Mike explores each of these Responsibilties as he makes changes in his workscape. In the Stories collection, find other examples of how real people have addressed the Responsibilities in their workscape.

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