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Our Ambassadors are a special group of people who represent the Self unLimited message when out and about in their workscapes. They do this because they believe in the idea and are truly living it in some form.

Here is our Honour Board for current Ambassadors. We salute you for your support.

Lisa Weber

Lisa was one of the first people to be exposed to the Self unLimited message. Such was her enthusiasm for the concept, she found five friends to form a special virtual class. Her passion for sharing the potential of leading yourself in your workscape has continued unabated. She assisted Helen in writing the book and influences the design of the learning activities. She’s an advocate of the Self unLimited mindset as she manages people in her team, and in inspiring family and friends to a more positive experience of work.

Lisa provided an update on her journey in a podcast interview (Episode 2).

Brad Adriaanse

Brad was an early user and advocate of Self unLimited. He found it to be an invaluable enrichment framework that helped him transition from employed work back into his business. He used the learning program to find clarity and purpose for his workscape. Such was his enthusiasm for the value of the program, that he’s the unofficial Self unLimited Amplifier! He regularly shares his experiences and insights with his professional network, family and friends through his social media network. Brad’s story appeared in the Self unLimited book. He provided an update on his journey in a podcast interview (Episode 3). He’s also an endorsed SU Coach available for coaching sessions.

Nisha Leena Sinha Roy

Nisha was an early adopter of Self unLimited, and has embraced its philosophy and framework in her day-to-day living. She sees the value in the framework for all – irrespective of the magnitude of workscape change any individual is seeking. Nisha is a keen advocate of the enrichment that can be attained through Being Self unLimited, and regularly shares the concept and content to her networks.

Nisha’s story appeared in the Self unLimited Book. She provided an update on her journey in a podcast interview (Episode 4).

Shambhavee Manjunath

Shambhavee is all-smiles for every occasion, and believes in channelling happiness on her own terms. She is a true crusader for change and believes in embracing it wholeheartedly.

Shambhavee is championing the message of Self unLimited, as she resonates to the value of regaining control over her workscape. As an ardent adopter, she believes in sharing the importance of Self unLimited for the world to hear and benefit through her personal journey.

Shambhavee wrote a story on the power of knowledge when shared for the Self unLimited collection.

Sophia Kostava

Sophia believes Self unLimited is one of the most valuable concepts of our times in terms of how we approach, engage and believe in our work and purpose. 

For herself, Self unLimited provides the framework for thinking and modelling her thoughts to develop a workscape that suits her and her values. She’s been applying it in her recent career change which has seen her move sectors from banking to education and to create a new business that is focussed on collaborating with artists to develop strategies for their project to be self sustaining in stablising artist income.

The community around Self unLimited has helped her to not feel so alone in the pursuit of working life worth living. With her generous heart, Sophia seeks to help others have a better experience of their working life.


Ali Farajala

Ali is a project management graduate and practitioner. He has over 6 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry. Ali believes the Self unLimited mindset enables him to release his highest potential in personal and professional life. He was introduced to Self unLimited as a university student working on a business project for Self unLimited. He discovered that the framework and values resonated with him as he considers the changing future of work, without knowing how he might respond to such changes.

Ali is passionate about education, professional enrichment, and giving back to local communities via mentoring and volunteering. He believes that Self unLimited helps him to be a better person and make a difference in his workscape and community.  

Whether at work or home with family and friends, he enjoys listening to other people perspectives, dreaming big, having fun and getting things done. 

Ali spoke with Helen in a podcast conversation (Episode 25) about key moments in his journey to becoming Self unLimited, and advice he’d give his younger self.


Past Ambassadors

We have unlimited and ongoing appreciation for those who served as Self unLimited Ambassadors in the past.

Gilbert Kruidenier

Gilbert has a curious and rebellious mind and the 7 Responsibilities of Self unLimited are great lenses to put over the world we work and learn in, to question and learn. Gilbert is always looking to give people new perspectives and tools to help them use their full potential in new and surprising ways. Through writing, coaching, volunteering and supporting people with good ideas, Gilbert lives his own Self unLimited story. From the very first proof-read of the book, Gilbert has been a strong advocate, because he likes things that make sense and ‘just work’.

Gilbert shared a story on how he tackled renewal in his Self unLimited workscape, in Stories of the Brave.

Sofia Adams

Sofia is a person who challenges herself – as evidenced by a workscape in multiple sectors and multiple countries. She’s passionate about life-long learning and exploring new opportunities. Her extracurricular activities include shiatsu, yoga chi gung and coaching. What stands out is her big heart and compassion – she lives a life aligned to her values and enjoys spending time with people who are real, living their values and who are kind. Sofia is committed to helping others develop their skills, find their path and shine.

Prateek Kapur

Prateek is a recent graduate who realised the potentiality Self unLimited to a striving career professional. In contributing as an intern to Self unLimited business development, he gained personal insights that led him to adopting the Self unLimited way of life. He strongly relates to the 7 Responsibilities and believes these propose a dynamic capability in terms of application, both personally and professionally. Prateek believes in sharing the message with his networks through real life discussions, helping them understand how a change in your workscape isn’t as complex as it looks.

A self-informed and motivated project management professional, he is of a strong opinion that Self unLimited thinking can help him better portray himself to people, to communicate and form meaningful relationships.

Prateek is passionate about photography and motorcycling and is a vigorous advocate of establishing a balance in life.