A big experiment in my workscape

The COVID-19 pandemic created conditions in which experimentation was a useful way to figure out how I might do things differently in my workscape. It is said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.

In Jan 2021, I found myself contemplating a year ahead without clarity of what steps to take. In 2020 I had tried a lot of things within running my own business, with little success. I was tired. I wasn’t enjoying work. I wanted a break – but not a holiday – from what I ‘should’ be doing (if I followed the path set for my business in early 2020). With a strong desire to consider something – anything else – my work radar picked up an unusual opportunity. With very little consideration, I decided to leap into this, and treat it like an Experiment. A whopping big workscape experiment!

Thinking of this as an ‘experiment’ – rather than a career choice – gave me lots of leeway to learn, explore and not worry about ‘success’ or ‘achieving something’.

The Experiment

The question guiding my experiment was: What could I do workwise when I’m not sure what I want to do workwise? What if …? Yep – not a very specific question, but one very suited to my frame of mind and what I needed right now.

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Helen Palmer, Founder of Self unLimited, has been intentional about experimenting in her workscape over past decades, with small and big experiments. She does such things to learn what she doesn’t know. From her actions she can better understand the experience of experimentation and create advice that might help others brave enough to learn by experimenting.


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