Burning out or boring out?

Being bored only proves what inspires you, therefore what you enjoy.
~ Bob Kenerson (my father), said many times in my childhood

It felt like déjà vu all over again. Ground hog day. The same work projects ticked along day after day, week after week. I was comfortable in my job, enjoying the team I was on and grateful to be working at a good company. In my day-to-day work though, I was frustrated with the lack of progress on pushing forward with a particular project and slowness of a partnering team in their ability to deliver. Same ol’ story from the project team with the same ol’ dependencies: short on resources, the technology needs an overhaul, competing priorities, changes in leadership re-directing work, lack of urgency in completing work, and so on. I was dependent on them to make progress and the ripple effect was my feeling stuck and uninspired. I knew I was capable, the frustration increased and the passion was gone. The project felt like a drain. The words “burnt out” came to mind.

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Lisa Weber is a passionate advocate for Self unLimited thinking which lead to her role as Self unLimited Ambassador. She uses tools and practices from Self unLimited in her own workscape to help her shape a rich and satisfying experience of work.


(Amended) Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash