Dictionaries provide useful definitions of creativity. Wiser souls offer their own wonderful interpretations – e.g., Ken Robinson describes creativity as “…the process of having original ideas which have value.” Mulling over how I play with and apply creativity, in my life, I’d like to share my version.

Recently, I’ve been in reflection/musing mode. Mostly through personal and professional guided conversations. Motif’s that have bubbled to the surface are daydreaming (think ‘What if…?’ Or ‘I wonder…?’ type questions). It feels that I have a hardwired curiosity! Looking for connections between things, and desire to see and understand the patterns.


I have an exploratory mindset that fuels my creativity. I want to learn, and I want to discover. I want to make sense of a narrative that is emerging for me at a particular time. There’s sensation of a curiosity hunger! A pull to follow a thread and see what is discovered.

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Brad Adriaanse is a curious explorer, lifelong learner and strategic thinker constantly on the lookout for patterns and fresh perspectives. This inquisitiveness helps him learn from rich and diverse fields including, organisation learning, systems thinking, knowledge management, human-centered thinking, spirituality, quantum mechanics, military history and walks on the beach. He has 20 years’ experience in learning and development, knowledge management and project delivery.


Photo credit Glenda Stovall