Moving On

A reflection one year on from Surviving bullying in the workplace


I was crouching in the corner of the living room last week and it dawned on me that my old workplace was perhaps the most insincere place I had ever been in, let alone worked in. I wasn’t crouching, crying or scared. I was crouching with a paint brush, jabbing the brush into the join of the skirting board and damming them to insolvency – or something worse. Big of me, I know.

It was a work environment where those that spoke directly were punished if what they said wasn’t what senior management wanted to hear. Staff learnt to ‘smile’ and not say anything. The business was delaminating. Staff briefings began to be a charade. People would nod and appear attentive as the boss spoke, while silently, on Messenger, memes and GIFs would ping about the room. In fairness it was a way for staff to cope.

I wrapped the paintbrush in cling wrap, poured a generous dollop of paint into the tray and gently worked the paint on to the roller.

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Written by a friend of Self unLimited who bravely shares the raw poignant details of their experience, so they requested anonymity in the publishing of this content.


(Amended) Photo by Bernie Almanzar on Unsplash