The one thing I hate about working in Australia

Photo of poppy flower standing tall amongst other plants

Today marks five years in Australia for my partner and me. That’s five years of living and working in a country that represents the true land of opportunity to us. Disclaimer: I love Australia and Australians dearly, so if that annoys you, better stop reading now.

I used to say that there has never been a day I regret coming here and that there’s nothing I hate about Australia. Regret has never been my thing anyway and we’ve still not regretted our move Down Under for a single day. Sometimes it gets a bit hard when things happen with family or friends in the Netherlands (I am not Canadian, really, I am not, or Danish or Scandinavian…), but yeah, it’s been pretty much rainbows, unicorns and cupcakes every day.

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Author: Gilbert Kruidiner

Gilbert is a helper of people, a get-things-done-person and compulsive thinker who helps businesses build change capability. He’s a rejecter of convention and not impressed by people who think it matters that he’s been in working in Change for more than 15 years. He values people based on their actions and real-life accomplishments, not their resumes and social media profile. He’s always looking to shake things up and happiest when solving problems and volunteering for causes that support ending homelessness, protecting the most vulnerable people in society and cleaning the oceans. He’s also a massive fan of Cookie Monster.


(Amended) Photo by Natalia Alves on Unsplash