The spice of persistence

Person climbing a rock chimney

People tell you persistence is vital in creating your career narrative, but what does that look like? We all realise it is made up of keeping on despite the dips and is a vital factor in the eventual realisation of your vision, but, like many abstract ideas, it needs fleshing out to help you fully integrate it.

Here is a little list I have compiled to add a bit of colour to the idea.

P  Plan to fail

Sounds contradictory, but what I mean is, keep the idea of failure handy so you can recognise when it happens and move swiftly on to the next thing. Having a picture that everything will be an outstanding success can be more of an obstacle than a help when it comes to feeling able to pick yourself up and dust yourself down and start all over again. Rejection is never easy, but there is always something to be learned. My worst ever job interview, for a position I desperately wanted, went badly partly due to the shaky and fragile state I was in after getting some bad news. While I gave myself a tough time over it, I did from this experience learn to pay attention to my internal state, take time to do breathing or reschedule. Now, I pick up the learning a lot faster and don’t waste energy going over and over what’s done. Realising that things might not always work out as you would wish, helps resilience.

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Linnet Hunter is a Creative Communications Coach who helps proactive jobseekers refine their offer, sharpen their CVs and prepare for interviews. Intrigued by concept of career narrative? She can tell you more.  Contact her at


(Amended) Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash