SU lens on Talent Trends Report: Part 1

I’ve recently read a report on 2020 Talent Trends from Mercer, and I think there’s insight and implications for employees.

Mercer is a large HR consulting company. They do research and prepare advice for Executives and HR personnel to apply with employees. One recent form of advice came in their Annual Global Talent Trends Report (2020). The audience for this report is the document is Boss/Executive/HR.

There is much advice published about changes in the workplace that focus on the employer and what they should do. I wonder: What if such advice was shaped for an audience of employees, who might like to exercise their personal agency for change? How might YOU, an employee, get value from such insight?

I’ve done some initial work to reframe the thinking of this particular report (in two parts), so you as an employee can consider what it might mean for you. Fair warning – I am assuming in my advice that you have a Self unLimited orientation, where you will assert your freedom to think and choose what serves your interests, alongside that of any organisation where you work.


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Helen Palmer, Founder of Self unLimited, has not followed a traditional path in her ‘career’, nor does she intend to. It’s been her personal experience that she’s made plans, then life happened and things went in a direction that wasn’t anticipated. As a consequence she’s fascinated by the emergent and serendipitous approach to life and work. She thinks about ways to help others navigate the future of work, given the ambiguous possibilities and opportunities if there is courage to take that journey. And for good measure, she likes to inject humour and originality into her work.


(Amended) Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash