SU lens on Talent Trends Report: Part 2

This is the second article in a two-part series, as I shine a Self unLimited lens on the contents of the Annual Global Talent Trends Report (2020) published by Mercer. Read Part 1.


It’s great to have research to signal what talent trends are taking place and what responses might be appropriate to such trends. What is often missing is the Employee voice about what an Employee would like to consider and do when enacting their personal agency. It is a core tenet of the Self unLimited idea that you are the sovereign of your workscape – you decide what information to pay attention to and how you want to be influenced by that information.

So here’s some more food for thought in response to the broad findings of the Mercer report.

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Helen Palmer, Founder of Self unLimited, has not followed a traditional path in her ‘career’, nor does she intend to. It’s been her personal experience that she’s made plans, then life happened and things went in a direction that wasn’t anticipated. As a consequence she’s fascinated by the emergent and serendipitous approach to life and work. She thinks about ways to help others navigate the future of work, given the ambiguous possibilities and opportunities if there is courage to take that journey. And for good measure, she likes to inject humour and originality into her work.


(Amended) Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash