Surviving bullying in the workplace

Apparently, I am difficult. Apparently, people at work ‘walk on eggshells’ around me. Apparently, it’s ‘my way or the highway’, that my team are scared of me, that my clients find me inflexible. That I appear detached at work meetings and do not hang about for drinks and socialise at, or after work. That I clear off as soon as possible.


The strange thing was, when I asked for working examples, none were given. Things became vague and theoretical. When I pressed for detail of the clients that were not happy, I was told “actually it wasn’t from the client directly, it was via someone speaking to the client”.

It wasn’t my work performance that was being discussed. I was great at my job. It was my behavior.


There is a matter I would like to raise. I would like to raise it again actually.

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And the story doesn’t end there. One year on, there’s an update in Moving On.



Written by a friend of Self unLimited who bravely shared the raw poignant details of their experience, so they requested anonymity in the publishing of this content.