Signals that it’s time to take stock

Work can play a big part in our lives. Our work can become a place for which we lose energy, interest and will. What are the signals that it’s time to take stock and see if you need to leave the path you are on, or do something different while walking your current path?


The Signals…

Where you find yourself saying or thinking things like:

  • I feel trapped
  • I feel bored
  • I don’t like who I am/am becoming
  • I’m telling the same negative stories over and over again
  • I’m frustrated with the people around me
  • I don’t like what I see or hear around me
  • I’m being asked to do things that don’t sit well with me
  • Life’s too short (What I’ve got now isn’t really the most important thing)
  • I feel I’m missing out
  • I’m envious at what others are doing
  • I’m feeling stressed – this can’t go on
  • I don’t feel valued anymore
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Helen Palmer, Founder of Self unLimited, has not followed a traditional path in her ‘career’, nor does she intend to. It’s been her personal experience that she’s made plans, then life happened and things went in a direction that wasn’t anticipated. As a consequence she’s fascinated by the emergent and serendipitous approach to life and work. She thinks about ways to help others navigate the future of work, given the ambiguous possibilities and opportunities if there is courage to take that journey. And for good measure, she likes to inject humour and originality into her work.


(Amended) Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash