Self unLimited: The book

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Helen Palmer’s book, Self unLimited: A vocational adventure for the 21st century, is full of practical advice and useful exercises to help you become more self-aware of your own career journey. Its origin was Helen’s own workscape journey of over two decades. When faced with various career choices, she began to consider all the factors that made a particular role enticing. Documenting a list of those factors and taking personal responsibility to see that those factors were in play and were fulfilled was a major turning point. She began looking at herself as an organisation-of-one even while employed by someone else.

In reviewing the situations she was in and the choices she made, she realised the journey isn’t always straightforward, and that what she was learning could be helpful to others.

Consider this book your introduction to the Self unLimited concept. For a more in-depth and interactive experience, take part in one of our learning options.

The book is proudly published by Questo, a business on a mission to generate meaningful workscapes for individuals and teams everywhere.

What readers say

I really enjoyed the simple yet powerful way Self unLimited reminded me of the career options I have and how to work through them step by step. I have already passed the book onto a friend about to embark on a career change and recommended it to a client in a similar situation. Thanks Helen for sharing your insights and allowing so many people to work out how to step forward when you feel life’s obligations will always be barriers. Enjoy reading!

~ Debbie M

Enjoyed this book immensely! Has challenged me to move forward with determination and the practical advice and useful exercises have made me become more self-aware. And it’s ok to change course along the way just don’t stay still and go nowhere. The journey never ends, just evolves. I’m ready to walk to the edge now.

~ Dean Michailescu

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