Self unLimited Coaches help people who want to make change in their workscape. Our coaches are people who are already on Self unLimited adventures of their own, so they are familiar with the challenges and offer guidance influenced by real experiences.

Current Coaches

Each coach has their own business and will negotiate with you directly about terms and conditions for the coaching relationship.

Helen Palmer

Helen is creator and founder of the Self unLimited concept. She is a rich source of advice and insight for people changing their workscapes. She’s constantly learning as she navigates new challenges in her own Self unLimited adventure. Her practical wisdom and genuine encouragement are available to others through virtual coaching sessions.


Helen created a safe place to explore and to see ‘the wood for the trees’. I was able to develop insight that was immediately applicable, as well as gain resources to keep exploring my work context from other perspectives …┬áThis was no cookie cutter approach! A highly recommended way to explore possibilities and get out of it what you need.
~ Joanne Mihelcic, Consultant and Researcher


Helen Palmer

Brad Adriaanse

Walking alongside people to help realize their potential and possibilities is one of Brad’s professional pleasures. A blend of ongoing reflection, research, enrichment and practice hones his coaching craft, as well as his Self unLimited adventure. His practical guidance and genuine passion for people enrichment are available to others through Schmiq Solutions.


Brad truly cared about helping me to identify and achieve my goals. His application of the Self unLimited concepts assisted me to work out what I wanted from my workscape. He empowered me to challenge the way I thought I needed to work, to create a career around the way I wanted to work.
~ Tamara Sullivan, Learning Consultant


Brad Adriaanse


Future Coaches

  • Are you an experienced Coach?
  • Do you have your own deep experience in navigating big changes in your workscape?
  • Are you interested to access the full range of Self unLimited content to help your clients?

If you answered Yes to all these questions, contact us today to learn about our Coach Partnership Program.