Matrix with 12 Self unLimited Adventurers. Two dimensions: Life stages and Scenarios. Image has cartoons of named individuals.

There is plenty of uncertainty to entertain and navigate when making change in your workscape. So to provide a bit of stability, we have defined twelve journeys to help you choose a starting point for the change you want to make.

Self unLimited Journeys

To be Self unLimited can look and feel different for you, compared to me or someone else. It can depend on the choice of Scenario you are following, and the Life-stage in which you are.  Journey definitions come from combining Life-stages and Scenarios as you see in the image above. In each Journey, the focus on the seven Responsibilities can differ and so the advice or support you seek is different.

These same journey definitions will be utilised to organise our Self-directed Learning programme [coming in 2020].


Self unLimited Adventurers

We have assigned a character to each adventure – they have a name and a back story to insert a dose of reality for each adventure context.  Treat these lightly – they are not expected to be an exact match for anybody, rather a possibility that you can use for your own reflection and exploration.

Journey Description

24 years old; Japanese. A diesel mechanic who has completed an apprenticeship and works on industrial equipment.

Life-stage 1-Early + Scenario 1

So, what’s next for someone like me? How do I advance in my career?”

Ichiro is in his first full-time job. He has little other life or work experience to compare with his current life. He’s been talking to some of the older colleagues at his workplace for their advice. He hears things about how innovations in machines might mean that his current skills will no longer be needed.

Responsibilities he is currently focusing on are Reign and Relationships.


19 years old; Iranian. Works as a Retail Assistant in a family-owned clothing store.

Life-stage 1-Early + Scenario 2

“I don’t want to stop working in the shop and I’d like to do something creative with my hands.”

Mariam loves making things. Her uncle let her play with his woodworking tools when she was a kid and she made gifts for her family. Now it’s a bit more than a hobby, but she doesn’t want to go into business. So she’s going to make some things to occasionally sell at the weekend markets, and get money to buy more raw materials.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Renewal and Resources.


22 years old; Indonesian. Recently finished studying at university (Marine Ecology) and on a 6-month graduate internship program.

Life-stage 1-Early + Scenario 3

“The internship is great but I need to think about what comes next and what I want and how I can navigate work my way.”

Faiysal is the oldest child in his family with two siblings still at home. His parents expect him to do well to support his sibling’s education. Because he doesn’t have much work experience he’s thinking about how he presents himself to find work opportunities where he can succeed.

Responsibilities he’s focusing on are Reign and Reputation.


28 years old; French. A Graphic Designer who does freelancing work through platforms like Upwork and Fiver. Has a partner, and no children.

Life-stage 1-Early + Scenario 4

“I love freelancing but sometimes I get tired from having to constantly sell my services. What could be different in my future?”

Dominique has been freelancing for 2 years. Her plan was to create flexible work so she could think about having a child. Freelancing is hard work and she’s not getting as much value as she had hoped. She’s wondering what other things she could do to add value to her workscape.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Reign and Revenue.


39 years old; British Jewish. A Medical Technican in a medium-sized organisation and has been there 8 years. Married with two young children.

Life-stage 2-Mid + Scenario 1

A young kid got a promotion with less experience than me. I work very hard and do good work but it’s not being recognised. It’s time to try something new.”

Naomi wants to rejunvenate her experience of work. She’s approached her Manager about some ideas she has for Professional Development. She’s going to join a professional women’s club that meets monthly, and hopes to get inspiration and advice from others on how they deal with workplace recognition.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Renewal and Relationships.


52 years old; Australian. A Factory Supervisor and been in his current role for 11 years. Divorced with a new partner and has two adult children.

Life-stage 2-Mid + Scenario 2

“Work’s fine but I want something else. I love making music so I’m going to do something on the side with that.”

Mike’s adventure is currently being revealed in a series of episodes.


33 years old; Malaysian-Chinese, Muslim. A Manager of the Kitchen department in a large hotel. Single and has no children.

Life-stage 2-Mid + Scenario 3

“I need to leave where I work. This isn’t a good fit for me. But I’m not sure exactly what needs to be different.”

Samira has been feeling frustrated and a bit micro-managed in her work. She wants change and growth but can’t get that where she is now. She’s looking for a new job. She’s also thinking about how she likes to work and how her next employer can get the best from her. She’ll use that information to carefully pick her next role.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Reign and Rules.


46 years old; Indian.  Been working in the Banking industry as a Commerical Banker.  Married to an ER nurse with two sons, and three young grandchildren.

Life-stage 2-Mid + Scenario 4

“I’ve been fortunate with consistent employment and good promotions. Now I’m ready for something new with more autonomy that I can direct.”

Nareen’s been working in banking since he was 18 years old. He doesn’t have a degree but has substantial experience. He’s recently decided that his next step is to be an independent consultant. He’s making plans to take this big leap.

Responsibilities he’s focusing on is Reign and Resources.


64 years old; French-Canadian. Works part-time overseeing plumbing apprenticeships. Retired plumber; had a plumbing business and passed this onto his daughter. Widower with six grandchildren.

Life-stage 3-Late + Scenario 2

“I need to be out and about doing something useful. I miss my wife and am working on Plan B – a life without her.”

Lawrence is in part-time employment with a vocational college. He’s been volunteering at the local cricket club with his grandchildren. He’s keen to do something substantial with his local community centre. He aspires to get elected to their Committee of Management and contribute his business management skills.

Responsibilites he’s focusing on is Reign and Reputation.


57 years old; Chinese. Works as a High school teacher in language and history.  Married to a Teacher/Principal and has one adult child studying for PhD degree overseas.

Life-stage 3-Late + Scenario 3

“Now my wife has become Principal at our school, it’s a good time for me to make a strong change. I need to think about how I make this happen.”

Ebo has some firm ideas about what is an ideal working environment for him. He’s going to use his trusted contacts to help him find his next role. So he needs to be able to explain to them (and potential employers) what he’s about and what he is seeking.

Responsibilities he’s focusing on are Reputation and Rules.


71 years old; Afrikans. Retired IT Manager who is active and involved in many things. Has two children, a husband who prefers gardening, and five grandchildren.

Life-stage 3-Late + Scenario 4

“I’ve got great skills – and they don’t including knitting and making cups of tea!”

Ingrid hasn’t been sitting still since she ‘retired’ – in fact she’s not even sure she fits the definition of retired. She volunteers teaching IT skills to senior citizens; she does occasional consulting to Education sector; and renovates houses in her spare time. She’s wanting to improve how she manages this all so she continues to do good things and doesn’t run out of energy.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Rules and Renewal.


41 yeards old; Brazilian. Recently quit her job as an HR manager in a Government department. Married with one child in their last year of high school.

Life-stage 4-Between gigs + Scenario 3

“I don’t think that the things I want from work are too much to ask. The next job I take is going to be different!”

Unna’s frustration with her workplace is expressed in this Break-up Letter. She’s already left the job and is now in the in-between state known as ‘Unemployment’. She absolutely knows she doesn’t want to be self-employed – but she also wants to take charge of the experience she has of future work. She’s taking some time to rejuvenuate herself and get a clearer picture on what’s truly important to her.

Responsibilities she’s focusing on are Reputation, Rules and Renewal.


35 years old; Kenyan. Made redundant from a factory job. Has a partner and no children.

Life-stage 4-Between gigs + Scenario 4

“Redundancy wasn’t totally unexpected – I’m glad I’ve been developing other skills that I can use to earn some income while I figure out what next.”

Isaiah got one week’s severance pay and his partner will be their main income earner. He’s been developing other skills and experience on the side in the last few years in writing and editing.  He’d like to try working for himself as a freelance copy writer and proof-reader. He’s not sure he wants to go fully into his own business, but at least this is an option to supplement the household income in the meantime.

Responsibilities he’s focusing on are Reputation and Revenue.

Characters gratefully illustrated by Simon Kneebone