Be encouraged and inspired for your Self unLimited adventure with stories of people bravely changing their workscape.  In these stories, people highlight some of the seven Responsibilities of Being Self unLimited.

There are stories to read (below) and to listen to on podcast.


Photo of Emma Fuelling “I very much value the ability to Reign over my workscape. That is why having options, and the ability to explore different possibilities as they present themselves is so appealing to an almost 21-year old.”
Read Emma’s Story
Photo of Pam Guy “… value for me, was to be doing things I enjoyed, with people I liked.” (Value aka Revenue)
Read Pam’s Story
Photo of Gilbert Kruidenier Renewal was and still is my super power.
Read Gilbert’s Story
Cartoon of Mike “Could I be doing something different about work? I’m not unhappy in my current job, but I want something more.”
Read Mike’s Story – a saga of 10 episodes, focusing in on each of the seven Responsibilities.
Photo of Meredith Lewis “One of the most important Resources you need to frame your Reputation is a good resume.”
Read Meredith’s Story
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