Activity: Workscape Resources Audit and Budget

In being responsible for Self unLimited, you will have and acquire resources that you use to do your work. You make the choices about what resources you want, and how much you are willing to spend to access those resources.

Part 1 – Audit

  1. Write a list of the things you already have in your possession that might be useful for <self> UnLimited. [List A].
  2. Write a list of the things an organisation provides you while working for them. [List B].
  3. Write a list of the things you imagine would be useful to get for <self> UnLimited. This may be things you have that need upgrading or replacing. [List C].
  4. Compare List A and List B, anything to add to List C? (List B may include things where there is desirable overlap between you and a current organisation, e.g. two mobile phones with separate phone numbers.)
  5. Compare List A and List C, then prepare an acquisition list.
  6. Identify which things you can make, barter for, or buy.
  7. Set a financial budget for <self> UnLimited for resources; this maybe for the initial spend. Do also consider an annual budget. (See Budgeting below)
  8. Make a plan to acquire the things that will enable <self> UnLimited.

Part 2 – Budget

  1. Write a list of items that have ongoing or one-off costs that you need for <self> unLimited. Include things you currently pay for, as well as things you might add, for your costs associated with any of the seven responsibilities.
  2. Sum the financial value of items on the list.
  3. Determine if you are willing to fix a budget for these items or a subset.
  4. Set your Costs Budget with a specific list of items. (May need negotiation with family members, aka stakeholders)!
  5. Put your documented budget somewhere visible to remind yourself of the costs and investment you are making in Self unLimited – and squash any feelings of guilt when you need to spend money!


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