Stories of the Brave - Podcast Series

What’s better than reading someone’s story? Hearing their story!

In a limited series of podcasts, listen to individuals share about navigating their Self unLimited adventures with Helen Palmer (Founder of Self unLimited) or with special friends of Self unLimited.

Be inspired.

Be enlightened.

Be encouraged!

Photo of Sam & MikeEpisode 17: Hearing from Samantha and Mike
Helen talks with Samantha (Sam) who’s venturing inside her organisation, Using Technology Better.  She’s tapping into her creative energy for personal flow, and to create new value for the small enterprise of 20 and its clients. Also in the conversation is Mike Reading, her boss, who’s supporting and backing such emergent activity with useful guardrails from strong core values that Mike’s set for all team members. One of Sam’s ventures is the LearnBytes podcast.
[36 min]
Photo of PrateekEpisode 16: Hearing from Prateek
Helen talks with Prateek Kapur about relationships and the nitty gritty in establishing and cultivating connections, with an open mindset to what value might be created. Prateek came to Australia two years ago as a post-grad student from India. So there’s a cross-cultural flavour to his relationships too as he shapes a new chapter in his workscape after completing his studies.
[38 min]
Photo of HelenEpisode 15: Hearing from Helen
Helen becomes the subject of the podcast, rather than the interviewer! The microphone is turned around so Dani Sirotic, good friend of Self unLimited asks Helen the questions. Dani probes to learn more about Helen’s past workscape and what shaped her thinking in creating the Self unLimited idea. Spoiler alert – there’s a recurring theme about possibilities!
[72 min]
Photo of MaireEpisode 14: Hearing from Maire
Helen talks with Maire Ruane about the challenging health situation she experienced and how she’s found ways to use this experience to help her thrive. She connected to her strengths in relationships, learning and sharing; and has got a buzz from purposeful activity to help others, and to save lives.
[33 min]
Photo of MattEpisode 13: Hearing from Matt
Helen talks with Matt Mulrine about his adventures in passionately choosing to run his own business, and what he’s learnt from the challenges in this choice. Mindset is an important part! There are risks and rewards should you decide this is the life style you want.
[47 min]
Photo of RuariEpisode 12: Hearing from Ruari
Helen talks with Ruari Wood-Freeman about his decision to create space with a temporary break from employment with a large corporate organisation, to creatively explore a different workscape. A bold decision for a young person so early in their working life!
[20 min]
Photo of Nisha and PatrikEpisode 11: Hearing from Nisha and Patrik
Helen talks with Nisha Leena Sinha Roy and her husband Patrik Mihailescu about their mutual Self unLimited journeys and exploring Value in their workscapes. The journey’s are not the same, yet they have powerful intersections that have shaped both their workscapes and their family life.
[45 min]
Photo of Eric ChanEpisode 10: Hearing from Eric
Helen talks with Eric Chan about making career choices that go against the status quo. He shares about the influences, the challenges and the results for his choices. While in his early 30s, he’s got daring advice for people of all ages.
[59 min]
Photo of Helen BlundenEpisode 9: Hearing from Helen B
Helen talks with Helen Blunden about her side-gig: Reporting for CNT News Channel. It’s got nothing to do with money, and everything to do with learning, being creative and having fun. It’s also having positive flow-on effects to other parts of her life. She offers advice for those who are inspired to try something different.
[23 min]
 Episode 8: Hearing from Eliza
Eliza Lim talks with guest interviewer Dani Sirotic about how she took the big leap to create her own retail business. She knew she was unhappy in the corporate world and had to make a change. She shares openly about the ups and downs of such change.
[31 min]
Photo of Kim BallestrinEpisode 7: Hearing from Kim
Helen and Kim Ballestrin talk about the choices Kim makes for herself, and in negotiation with her employer, that enables her to work in a Self unLimited manner.
[21 min]
Photo of Jason LeongEpisode 6: Hearing from Jason
Helen and Jason Leong talk about how the Self unLimited program was utilised in personal and professional development of his team. Jason also reflects on his own Self unLimited journey.
[32 min]
Photo of Angela NielsenEpisode 5: Hearing from Angela
Helen and Angela Nielson talk about how Angela extends her Relationships to bring diverse people from her network together in an informal awesome gathering.
[11 min]
Photo of Nisha Leena Sinha RoyEpisode 4: Hearing from Nisha
Helen and Nisha Leena Sinha Roy chat about what Nisha’s been exploring as different ways she does ‘extra-curricular’ activity in her Scenario 2 workscape. One of those is volunteer work with Girl Guides (Australia).
[36 min]
Photo of Brad AdriaanseEpisode 3: Hearing from Brad
Helen and Brad Adriaanse chat about how Brad unLimited is shaping up since he had some Self unLimited coaching. He’s been shifting across multiple Self unLimited Scenarios, and has insights and advice for people exploring and wandering like him.
[35 min]
Photo of LisaEpisode 2: Hearing from Lisa
Helen and Lisa Weber chat about how Lisa unLimited is shaping up since she attended a virtual class. She’s working Scenario 2 (employee with extra-curricular activities) in a large multi-national organisation, and has useful advice for people in a workscape like her.
[14 min]
Photo of Emma SmartEpisode 1: Hearing from Emma
Helen and Emma Smart chat about how Emma unLimited is shaping up since we read her story in the Self unLimited book. She shares what lessons she’s learning as she runs her own creative business in her early 30s.
[21 min]

The music used on the podcast is “Talk Back” by Jay Man

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