Stories of the Brave

Be encouraged and inspired for your Self unLimited adventure with stories of people bravely changing their workscape. In these stories, people highlight some of the seven Responsibilities of Being Self unLimited.
There are stories to read (below) and to listen on podcast.

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Cartoon character of Mike

“Could I be doing something different about work? I’m not unhappy in my current job, but I want something more.”
Read Mike’s Story – a saga of 10 episodes, focusing in on each of the seven Responsibilities.

Image of Kate fuelling

“Whilst it has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life, it has also been the most rewarding.” (Reign for Scenario 4)
Read Kate’s Story

Photo of Taiss

“My transformations haven’t been the classic butterfly’s cocoon emergence, but a continued Renewal.” 
Read Taiss’s Story

Image of Shambhavee Munjunath

“What I cherish the most is the foundation of a lifelong Relationship, in addition to that invaluable bank of knowledge.” 
Read Shambhavee’s Story

Image of Sioban Harnett

“a wide range of connections and relationships means there is such an opportunity of free, constructive advice potentially anywhere about me.” #Relationships
Read Sioban’s Story

Image-Anna-KG 300x300

“… we decided to do an experiment.” #Renewal
Read Anna’s Story

Photo of Jules Livingstone

“I had created a problem with how I was perceived, that is my Reputation.”
Read Jule’s Story

Photo of Pam Guy

“… value for me, was to be doing things I enjoyed, with people I liked.” (Value aka Revenue)
Read Pam’s Story


Renewal was and still is my super power.
Read Gilbert’s Story

The green icons above and the bold words, e.g. Resources, represent one of the seven Responsibilities of being Self unLimited.

Ready for more? Our book contains different Stories, as well as providing guidance for you to shape your own workscape.

This collection is a small taste of the many Stories we have created and curated for people on Self unLimited adventures. You can get access to these other Stories through our learning options.