My Story – Jules Livingstone

Jules LivingstoneI had been working as a senior contract change manager for a number of years, fortunate to find myself on programs in large organisations that offered a good variety of work, stakeholders and contexts. I enjoyed the complexity of the change landscape and managing large teams. I really get a buzz out of problem solving and respond well to challenges. Over time, I noticed a pattern in the way that my boss and senior stakeholders deployed my skills. I had become the ‘agent’ deployed, when programs or people were ‘off track’. I began to enjoy this remediation role – I saw it as a sort of change in the war room; it played very well to my skills and perhaps a little to my ego, being the person who could always locate the solutions and collaborations to turn things around. With this new focus in mind, I began the search to secure my next role.

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Jules Livingstone, has been in the workscape for 24 years as a contractor, employee, and volunteer.