The Life and Times of Mike: Navigating a Scenario 2 workscape

Meet Mike.

Mike is a new Self unLimited adventurer.

Mike’s in his early 50s, and is a Factory Supervisor in a plastics injection moulding factory. He’s been there 10 years and is reasonably happy with his work situation. He’s divorced with two adult kids, the mortgage is nearly paid and he has a new partner who’s moved in and been bringing a new energy to his life. He checked out Self unLimited because he was looking for something more, but wasn’t sure what that might be if he didn’t want to quit his job.

He’s chosen Scenario 2 as the model for the workscape he wants to shape for himself. This means two things: he’ll treat his current employer as his client to which he is a service provider (that’s Scenario 1) PLUS he’ll do something work-like for himself, for which his current employer has no say or influence. In making this decision for himself, he’s started to flex his Reign Responsibility.

For the extra-curricular part – Mike’s been inspired by someone he met on a course who is doing something creative on the side with comedy. Mike’s keen on the idea that he can still work at the factory and do something creatively expressive on the side. So he’s going to do something with his music (and finally give in to his kids and partners who have been saying he should). He’s not thinking about leaving his job, nor that music would ever be a full-time paying gig. The SU framework is helping him figure out a few things as he Does Music alongside his Day Job.

Mike’s story progressively unfolds in ten episodes.

Episode 1: I did it my way
Mike explains his choice and declares the Reign of Mike unLimited for the workscape he wants to shape for the coming year.

Episode 2: Variation on friends 
Mike explores his existing and potential relationships for how he can get and give support as he makes changes for Mike unLimited.

Episode 3: Make it happen 
Mike sets some boundaries and conditions for Mike unLimited to better manage how he does the day-job and the side gig.

Episode 4: Measure of a man 
Mike realises he needs to update how he describes himself – the old descriptions no longer fit.

Episode 5: Look Ma, no hands 
To do the things he’s planning needs resourcing – Mike figures out what he has to reuse and what he needs to get.

Episode 6: Money, money, money 
Mike’s got money on his mind but that’s not the only value he wants to create for himself.

Episode 7: The great experiment
Mike wants to do good work, so he’s got things to learn and and self-care to practice making that possible.

Episode 8: Spread the word
The word is getting out about what Mike is doing and he’s feeling good about the journey.

Episode 9: Love makin’ music 
Mike appreciates the experience he’s creating for himself and his mates and how it’s changing him for the better.

Episode 10: Circle of life  
Mike looks back on his adventure so far and reflects on where things might go next.


A special thanks to Meredith Lewis for her creative assistance in writing Mike’s story.