Episode 01: I did it my way

This is the first episode of The Life and Times of Mike – Navigating a Scenario 2 workscape

Mike a Self unLimited Adventurer declares his reign. Superimposed on Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

Mike explains his choice and declares the Reign of Mike unLimited for the workscape he wants to shape for the coming year

Work’s OK, can’t complain. Actually, compared to some people I know I’m probably really well off – decent pay, the boss is OK, and the guys I work with are great, and I’ve got a good position. So, it’s not that I hate work – I actually really like it and don’t want to leave – but that factory is the only place I’ve worked in since I left school and I need something else. There’s got to be something more to life. The kids are grown up and not at home anymore – they’re launched – so I’m not as busy taking them around to their sport or friends or stuff like that anymore. I’ve got a bit more time now.

I’m a bit worried about all of the closures in manufacturing as well. Things are changing. My job – maybe even my factory – won’t be around for ever. I wouldn’t mind exploring some possibilities on the side, just in case.

I’ve always enjoyed playing music and singing. I studied guitar as a kid, and I’ve been doing it as a hobby since I was a teenager. When I do it at parties, my friends and family reckon I’m pretty good at it. Sometimes they tell me I should go pro. I’ve got a bunch of guys I jam with most weeks and, if I say so myself, we sound great together. And I love it. Absolutely love it. My favourite part of the week. I organised a meeting with the guys I jam with and told them I wanted to make a band and wanted them to be in it. They loved the idea, so ‘Mike and the Side Hustlers’ is now officially looking for gigs!

So I’ve made some decisions for Mike’s unLimited workscape.

My Reign Declaration

  • I’m going to keep going strong at my factory job, keep being the best supervisor I can be for the guys on my team, keep putting my hand up for more opportunities from my boss. I want to keep my job and keep growing in it.
  • I’m going to develop a part-time business with my music and form a band (‘Mike and the Side Hustlers’). It will be a success if we can get at least one gig a week. I’ll do this for the next year at least, then review.
  • My music venture will only last as long as it doesn’t a negative impact on my day job. People will see that I’m not just a ‘factory’ guy, that I’m also creative and up for new experiences. I’ll use ‘Mike and the Side Hustlers’ venture to show that I can grow and learn new things.


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