Episode 02: Variation on Friends

This is the second episode of The Life and Times of Mike – Navigating a Scenario 2 workscape

Cropped photo by Sidharth Bhatia (@sidharthbhatia) on Unsplash

Mike explores his existing and potential relationships for how he can get and give support as he makes changes for Mike unLimited

In order to be ‘Mike unLimited’ with a day job and a hustle on the side, I’ve got two sets of relationships to take care of – those at the factory and those connected with my music.

I’m thinking about what I can do to make the best of these relationships – what I can give and how I can benefit.

People who help me with the music gig

  • Obviously, the guys I play with. I can’t wait to do this thing together as a band. For them I want to be optimistic, encouraging and supportive. We are all trying something new, and as it’s my idea, I’m taking responsibility to set the tone for how we relate to each other.
  • The bloke I met at the meetup who told me about how he moonlights as a comedian – my whole inspiration for starting the band came from hearing how he had a sideline of doing stand-up alongside his day job as an accountant. I’ve written him a note to say thanks and tell him what impact his story had on me. I can use that as an opportunity to ask him for advice. He might have tips about how to manage a side hustle as a part time business, and also how to manage it so it doesn’t cause problems with the day job.
  • I think I should get some sort of general business advice – a mentor – to help me with getting to know about the business of music. Maybe I should see if there are Meetup groups with this focus, I might be able to find someone through more networking.
  • People I know from going out to see music – other musicians I’ve been following, other fans. They could help me promote my band, come along to my gigs. Some of the musos I know really well might be able to give me advice or even mentor me a bit.
  • My family, neighbours, friends = rent a crowd for my gigs! I bet the guys at work would come along too. Also, maybe some of them could spread the word that ‘Mike and the Side Hustlers’ are available for gigs – weddings, parties, anything! They are probably going to be my biggest support when things get challenging – so I’ll be sure to keep them updated on progress.

Relationships at my factory job

  • The guys I coordinate at work – pretty good bunch, we can have a laugh, but they know that when I ask them to do something, I mean it. It’s important that I keep on having a good working relationship with them because I need to keep my reputation at the factory in good shape, especially once it gets out that I’m doing the music. I don’t want my boss to think I’m losing interest. Speaking of which…
  • My Manager – I get on well with him. I’ve been at the factory for so long that I’m part of the furniture now, which is good in some ways (I know he trusts me). Like I said above, I want him to know that I’m still committed to my day job. He sent me to a management leadership workshop which I loved (and which I’m going to use on the guys in the band) and I’m keen for him to still support my professional development in the future. I’m going to invite him out for a beer and tell him what I’m thinking and doing. He may have advice or questions – whatever, it will be good to have an open conversation.
  • I’ve enjoyed the professional development workshops I’ve been doing and more so the people I met whom work in the same sector as me. So, I’m going to find some Meetup groups or Facebook Pages I can join/follow to keep connecting with interesting people. And maybe I’ve got something to contribute to them and the communities in this industry.

I’ve got a village!

If it takes a village to raise a child, I reckon it will take a village to support my plans for Mike unLimited, and I’m not going to lose sight of how I can help others too.


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(Amended) Photo by Sidharth Bhatia on Unsplash