Episode 05: Look Ma, no hands

This is the fifth episode of The Life and Times of Mike – Navigating a Scenario 2 workscape

To do the things he’s planning needs resourcing – Mike figures out what he has to reuse and what he needs to get.

The Resources Responsibility has really got me thinking. It’s nothing I’d really considered before. Work provides stuff for work, and that’s been it.

I found the ‘Resource Audit’ activity in the book to be very helpful for exploring this Resources idea.

I definitely have to start thinking about what resources I’ll be using to make the side-gig work. This means conversations with Lyndie my partner. Some of these resources – like time and money – we share, so she’s sure to have a view. She’s been great about the general idea of the band, but it is going to mean some investment or sacrifices. She wants me to think about how much time, exactly, I’m going to be spending on this and she’s right – that is important, and it will affect our home life. I’m a lucky man to have her support.

Starting with Time. I estimate:

  • 1 x 3-hour rehearsal every Tuesday night
  • At least one gig per week either on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night or a weekend afternoon
  • Half an hour every day online promoting the band – updating website, updating Facebook page, sending out emails

Next, Money.
The house is paid off and I’ve got a bit of savings in the bank, so that’s a fortunate place to be. I’m imagining maybe about $2,000 investment from my savings as a starting place for band-related costs. That would cover these things:

  • Website to advertise the band – could save some money by asking my daughter to make it, she’s good at that sort of stuff
  • Business cards, maybe even flyers or posters
  • New guitar case
  • Cost of any legal stuff – maybe we need a proper contract form to use with clients, or to pay for rights to perform covers?

Other financial stuff to think about and investigate:

  • Maybe an iPad to have digital copies of the music – something to consider because less paper would be good
  • Band equipment – will talk to the guys at next rehearsal, and do a bit of an audit of what we’ve got, and what we need
  • Extra accountancy fees
  • Small business course – get some basic skills

I’m not sure if the band will ever make a profit but it would be good make back some of this investment money in a year or two.

And more other stuff
For this to work, there are other resources to think about organising as well.

  • Networks to help promote us – this is something to discuss at next band meeting
  • Facebook page and somebody to take care of it – maybe Lyndie would be up for this?
  • Online place to store the music lists and samples so we can all get at them

Now that I’ve thought about the band, there’s are a couple of things to think about related to my day-job.

  • Getting a remedial massage therapist for regular massage on my leg – I’ve recovered from an injury I had at work, but sometimes my leg plays up. I need to make sure I do things to keep my body in good condition – for both the day job and the extra demands with the band.
  • Getting a subscription to an industry magazine to read about trends in the manufacturing sector. My boss might be able to recommend a good one. I reckon this will show that I am still interested in my day job as well as the music-gig.

I’m quite surprised – I thought thinking about Resources would put a dampener on my plans, but it’s helped me have useful conversations with Lyndie and the band, and reduced some anxiety I didn’t realise I had.

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(Amended) Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash