My Story – Samantha Garrett

‘Disconnected’ sounds like a good word to describe how most people would have felt at some point during 2020. Which is why it might sound a bit odd that when everyone was craving connection back in June 2020, I decided to experiment with completely disconnecting from my team and my clients for 5 days.

Not because I wanted to rest and recharge at an amazing off-grid wellness retreat (ha, no hope of that for a Victorian in 2020!), but because I needed to get some work done. Yes, I realise this may also sound odd – surely, I need to be connected to my colleagues and clients to do my work?!

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Samantha‘s workscape technically began 20 years ago, however her ‘grown up’ workscape is 15 years young. She sees life and work as one big learning adventure – one which she approaches with energy, enthusiasm and joy.