My Story – Sioban Harnett

When I started my career, I was in my mid 20s providing technical advice to people twice my age. These people were mostly highly successful in their chosen field, to the point where they were able to invest in a novel venture, relatively new to the area – establishing a vineyard.

It dawned on me that I could improve receptiveness to my advice if I politely asked for theirs. Over the years I have benefited greatly from this ‘free’ advice. Property and real estate, legal issues, sales and negotiations, financial and accountancy, career guidance, medical, gardening, cooking, dating, grief counselling, theological crises. The scope has been limitless and the effect quite potentially bonding. Twenty-five years later and I’m still friends with many of these people.

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Sioban has been inhabiting her workscape for 30+ years as an employee working outdoors and in the office. Always wearing comfortable clothing and a witty sense of humour!