Work shapes our identity and is a source of income. It can also be a source of purpose or a way to contribute your talents to a greater good. What is your relationship to work? Where do you want your work experiences to take you across your lifetime?

Self unLimited™ is about you AT work, and you ABOUT work. It’s honouring the ‘voice’ inside that calls you to align what you do with your purpose. (The word ‘vocational’ is related to the word ‘voice’.)  It’s having a considered perspective about the Why, How, What, When, Who, Where of your workscape. It’s the mindset that “You are self-employed regardless of who pays you.” See yourself as an organisation of one, irrespective of which organisation is currently your source of income.

“You are self-employed regardless of who pays you.”


An Organisation of One

Self unLimited is about separating You as an identity from your current job and employer. Many employees find their identity so integrated into their current job that they can’t define themselves without that job. A Self unLimited adventure helps you define yourself without reference to any single job or employer.

Your current job is simply one ‘gig’ in a lifetime workscape of many serial gigs, as well as one gig in current workscape of potentially many co-existing gigs.

The diagram below illustrates these two perspectives of your vocational life:

  1. Lifetime workscape (blue outline) with multiple eras (green shaded boxes)
  2. Current workscape with either a single (black box) or multiple gigs (red outline)


Possible journeys for your workscape

The Self unLimited workscape is defined by four potential scenarios. No scenario is more valuable than another – you choose the scenario that best fits your circumstances. The scenarios are not sequential – you may go from 1 to 4 without ever doing 2 or 3.

Scenario 1: Reinvent your current work

You reinvent the relationship of Employee-Employer and see yourself as a service provider to a client (even though it’s a single client). In changing how you perceive this relationship, you change the power dynamic and position yourself as offering the services of you to the organisation.

Scenario 2: Add extra-curricular to current work

You have decided there are extra things you’d like to make part of your workscape that are not met by your employer. The extra-curricular activity is vocationally-oriented and not necessarily something you will get paid for. It’s definitely not something your employer controls.

Scenario 3: Go somewhere new

You have decided that your current organisation is no longer where you want to be. You seek a new organisation who will value your orientation as a service provider to a client, and you are prepared on the basis of the seven responsibilities to negotiate a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Scenario 4: Take a big leap

You decide to work as self-employed. It is recognised by society that you are taking full-control for your workscape.

Self unLimited helps you determine
which scenario is appropriate at this stage of your journey.


A new set of Responsibilities

Whichever scenario you choose, you are accepting the idea that you take on seven Responsibilities. Self unLimited provides a context and catalyst for you to explore and define each of these seven Responsibilities for yourself:

  • Reign: purpose, strategy, direction – the big picture stuff that will guide your choices
  • Reputation: branding, marketing – what you are about and getting the word out
  • Relationships: connections, networks, collaborations – who you know and how you leverage social ‘capital’
  • Rule: code of practice, processes, terms & conditions – your ‘operating system’ for doing and managing your style of work
  • Renewal: performance, improvements, quality criteria – the What and How you will learn and transform
  • Resources: tools, infrastructure (soft & hard) – the things you need to have and use
  • Revenue: delivery, multiple sources, administration – how you are going to get currency-of-choice for what you do

It is not a light thing to take on responsibility.
It comes with freedom, risk, and consequences.


Ready to go on your own Self unLimited adventure?

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The Self unLimited concept was created by, and is passionately spread by,  Questo who are on a mission to generate meaningful workscapes.

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