Ready to take your own Self unLimited™ journey? Our interactive program gives you access to exclusive activities and resources. Work through the topics with the insight and guidance of a skilled career change expert. You might even find some new friends who will be your peer support as you make this change!

Join our next program in Melbourne on September 8th!



Who is it for?

Typical participants include:

  • Graduates starting their working life
  • Experienced employees pondering big changes
  • Retirees redefining their waking hours

What does it cover?

The program is a healthy mix of thinking and action to create a fresh mindset and equip you with new tools. Topics include:

  • Four scenarios of the Self unLimited adventure
  • Seven responsibilities of Self unLimited reality
  • Redefining self in relation to work or vocation
  • Writing the script to tell others about the new Self
  • Cultivating a village of professional relationships
  • Making plans for action and moments of review
  • Gathering the resources needed for the new direction
  • Developing a program of self-learning and enrichment

How will it help you?

It will enable you to:

  • Gain fresh perspectives on work and your relationship to it
  • Decide how to lead your vocational adventure
  • Create tools to use as you go
  • Use your personal resources more effectively
  • Develop your own job opportunities

What’s involved?

  • Half-day or whole day workshops (length and scheduling depends on audience)
  • Small group (5-10 people)
  • Interactive, hands-on group activity
  • At your site, off-site, or virtual
  • Facilitated conversation and personal reflection
  • Creation of content and artefacts to re-use

Who conducts the learning program?

  • Our programs are designed and facilitated by Questo.
  • Program facilitators are people who have been on their own personal Self unLimited journey

When and where are the programs?

Our next in-person, public program is on September 8th – get the details – and your tickets – here.