Ready to take your own Self unLimited™ journey?

Typical participants include:

  • Graduates starting their working life
  • Experienced employees pondering big changes
  • Retirees redefining their waking hours

They all have one thing in common – a strong desire for change in their personal workscape.


You have options for how you can learn to Be Self unLimited.


Words from past participants

Attending the workshop was well worth the effort. For anyone not sure how to navigate the world of work today or who may be stuck or unhappy where they find themselves – Helen challenges you to be brave and take control of the rest of your work journey. Insightful, challenging, uncomfortable and rewarding.
~ Sofia Adams

The workshop gave me what I came looking for – confidence that what I’m doing is the right thing to be doing; and additional ideas to shape my next moves. It helped me come to terms with guilt I’d felt for wanting to move on. I’ve also appreciated the extension of my ‘village’ and meeting new people – it’s nice to know I’m not alone in wanting something more.
~ Marnie Bristow

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