One-day Classroom program

Our one-day program is an intensive interactive experience which gives you access to exclusive activities and resources. Work through the topics with the insight and guidance of a skilled career change expert. You might even find some new friends who will be your peer support as you make this change!

What does it cover?

The program is a healthy mix of thinking and action to create a fresh mindset and equip you with new tools. Topics include:

  • Four scenarios of the Self unLimited adventure
  • Seven responsibilities of Self unLimited reality
  • Redefining self in relation to work or vocation
  • Writing the script to tell others about the new Self
  • Cultivating a village of professional relationships
  • Defining the value you seek and provide in your workscape
  • Establishing the rules that guide you in your workscape
  • Gathering the resources needed for the new direction
  • Developing a program of self-learning and enrichment


How will it help you?

It will enable you to:

  • Gain fresh perspectives on work and your relationship to it
  • Decide how to lead your authentic vocational adventure
  • Create personalised tools to use as you go
  • Develop your own work opportunities
  • Feel confident and energised to face new challenges


What’s involved?

  • Whole day program; intensive pace; workshop style
  • Being challenged and open to do things differently
  • Facilitated conversation and personal reflection
  • Creation of content and artefacts to re-use
  • Interactive, hands-on group activity
  • Small group (6-10 people)
  • Public or Private offerings


Who conducts the program?

  • The program is designed and facilitated by Questo.
  • Facilitators are people who have been on their own personal Self unLimited journey


When and where?

Our next in-person, public program is yet to be scheduled – help us decide what location to consider next.

What participants say

The course was a real eye opener for me. It provided me with a space to articulate where my passions lie and the courage to get out there and make it happen for myself. I discovered this course just after I was made redundant and I was able to make the switch from employee to someone who took responsibility for their professional development and career path.

~ Harry Plant