Professional Development Session for the Team

The nature of work is changing, and changing fast – get ahead of the curve by preparing your people for the changing future-of-work.

We offer a one-hour interactive session for busy people to get a taste of exploring changes they might make in their personal workscape and within their team.

The interactive part comes with diving into one aspect of the seven Responsibilities to kick-start that change. Potential dives include:

  • REIGNValue Exchange Ledger¬†activity to define the value you want to give and get from work
  • RELATIONSHIPSProfessional Village¬†activity to explore who is important and what you can do to cultivate the relationship
  • RENEWALProfessional Enrichment Plan activity to explore what you will do to enrich and utilise your abilities to benefit self and others.

The Self unLimited approach enables a person to:

  • Make smart decisions for their work future
  • Present them self as a more attractive candidate for work opportunities
  • Turn their desires for satisfying work experiences into reality!

This is a session for individuals and groups taking a forward-thinking enlightened approach to future-of-work challenges.


How does it work?

The session can be run as a brown-bag lunch event with staff; a slot in a staff-development day or retreat; or a main event for a professional association monthly meeting. Here’s a crazy thought (and a very Self unLimited thought) – why not get a bunch of peers or friends together (beverages and food optional) at your place or a cafe?

We’re happy to explore any and all possibilities.

The session is shaped to the audience and context – we don’t just dish up the same dish for everyone! Tell us why the Self unLimited message appeals to you and we can align key points in that direction – there is flexibility in being Self unLimited.

For a special touch at the session, there is a draw for two lucky people to get their own copy of the Self unLimited book, signed personally by the author.

The session is facilitated by Helen Palmer, creator of Self unLimited, Sovereign of Helen unLimited, and Master Adventurer.


To start a discussion about a PD session for your group, send your contact details.

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