Tutorial Series

In the Self unLimited collection, there are many Activities to do, to learn a new way of working. These Activities are very practical, and focus on one aspect of habit or behaviour.

In this tutorial series, a Self unLimited Coach (often Helen Palmer, Creator of Self unLimited), is your guide in doing hands-on activity in a tutorial format: Learn about the new way and how to do it.


Invest in your future to be more effective and have great impact in your workscape, with a new technique in your skillset!

Sessions offered


Tutorial 1: Activity Time Budget

This technique helps you use your precious, finite resource of time wisely in activities that are the most valuable for your work.

Tutorial 2: My User Guide

This technique helps you reflect and get clear on how you want to be treated and to articulate the conditions that will bring out the best in you.

Tutorial 3: Writing Recommendations for Others

This technique helps you turn your gratitude and appreciation for a professional relationship and the impact on your life, into something tangible like a written recommendation.

Tutorial 4: Professional Enrichment Plan

This technique helps you be creative in finding ways to grow, extend or enrich yourself. There’s much possibility to explore, then define and make a plan to which you can commit.

What is involved

  • Sessions are for 7-10 people
  • Sessions are 50 minutes in duration
  • Each session focuses on a single Self unLimited Activity; Instruction sheet provided
  • Session led by a Self unLimited Coach
  • Public sessions for individuals; private sessions for teams in organisations

Words from participants

The session on Activity Time Budget provided a new perspective on how I can assist and encourage my teams to take an outcomes-based approach at work. It meant working out of your comfort zone, regular prioritisation of work while keeping the wellbeing of my team as one of my top priorities right next to our customers. The techniques explored with Helen were very practical and made having tough conversations easy. I would recommend this tutorial session anyone leading a new team or leading for the first time.

~ Manvendra Kumar

I really enjoyed the sessions as a way to give me tools that provided great insights and a better understanding of self and how I like to work; to manage my time with conflicting agendas; and reward my staff in a creative non-monetary way. Helen was engaging and friendly and I really appreciated the personalised attention. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone keen to equip self for manuvouring well in a changing work environment.

~ Donna Salotti

I loved the session and found it really valuable! It fitted really well with some related concepts I have been exploring. I love how each new thing I learn is a piece in this never ending puzzle of life!!

~ Samantha Garret

Public schedule

No dates currently scheduled. If you want to be advised when dates are released, send us a message.