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Paperback book, 78 pages

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A small book to explore the game-changing idea of a Self unLimited™ adventure – filled with explanations, stories and activities.

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17 reviews for Self unLimited Book

  1. sofia

    I’ve read hundreds of books on personal transformation and this one would be one of my favourites. It’s written in plain english, offers practical exercises to do and is achievable. thanks helen

  2. Kim Groemling

    Kim Groemling

    If you are looking to make a change in your career, or simply better understand and manage your own relationship to work, Self unLimited is a great guide. Although I attended Helen’s course ‘live’ (and highly recommend it), the book is a great companion to the course, with different case studies and exercises. Very down-to-earth, thoughtful guidance to get you thinking – and more importantly, acting!

  3. Debbie (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the simple yet powerful way Self unLimited reminded me of the career options I have and how to work through them step by step. I have already passed the book onto a friend about to embark on a career change and recommended it to a client in a similar situation. Thanks Helen for sharing your insights and allowing so many people to work out how to step forward when you feel life’s obligations will always be barriers. Enjoy reading!

  4. Francesco

    I’m always a bit skeptical about personal development books (they are often just a disorganized copy & paste), but I must say this one is a great little book. It’s very well written and beautifully articulated. It actually inspired me when recently I had to get back to HR for some “career development” inquiries. So it showed immediately how useful is it. My compliments to Helen Palmer.

  5. Chrissy D

    A surprisingly easy read. This book is very practical and helpful. You will undoubtably want to buy a copy for others who are wanting to regain clarity in their career pathway.

  6. Dean Michailescu

    Enjoyed this book immensely! Has challenged me to move forward with determination and the practical advice and useful exercises have made me become more self-aware. And it’s ok to change course along the way just don’t stay still and go nowhere. The journey never ends, just evolves. I’m ready to walk to the edge now.

  7. Jules Livingstone

    In short, this is a great book. It’s an elegant distillation of years of reflection, experience and practice in what works in helping people who feel a calling to follow something “more” within themselves that requires bringing into the world.
    Self unLimited provides a structured framework, useful guidelines to find at which point on the journey you may be at different times and practical steps and links to a range of useful information and support.
    All this comes within the author’s own style of openness, insight and humour, lightly peppered with anecdotes, examples and meaningful quotes. I’ve been buying it to give to friends.

  8. Gilbert Kruidenier

    Helen has managed to write a book to help yourself without being a self-help book. It reads like friendly advice while daring you to go on adventure to places unknown and there might be dragons, but she’s not sending you in unprepared, nor does she waste your time. 4 hours to read at most, 4 weeks or more to figure out what to do next for your situation. Take as long as you need, do as much (or little) as you want, the harder you work, the bigger the payday. Smart, innovative and helpful, but most of all practical and immediately applicable.

  9. Scott Comte

    A very interesting read. Self unlimited provides a great framework in which to review your career and identify potential paths that you can take to enhance and/ or change your professional life. I found the concept of treating yourself as an asset particularly interesting as it really highlighted the importance of investing in your own professional development. The other key learning was that careers are not linear and that there are multiple avenues that you can pursue to have a fulfilling work life.

  10. Helen Blunden

    This is a great read which provides some tips and strategies to get you started on navigating towards your new self and new work life. I love the practicality of the book and how pertinent it is at this time when many of us face the questions of ‘what’s next for me?’ . Highly recommended!

  11. James Heslan

    Great read. Found this to be a refreshing approach, definitely outside the box of the normal train of thought. Potentially exciting for those individuals looking for the tools and mechanisms needed in a organisation or as an individual in the promotion of one’s self. Self unlimited, if life had a toolbox list this should be on it.

  12. Elisa Rivera

    Self unLimited is a book that has been an amazing compass to my journey to #reign, find #rules, build #relationships… It’s also come at the right time when I am ready to find out my self unLimited. The exercises, case studies and format is also useful for a busy learning leader like me. I have recommended this book to anyone who I can see are in the liminal domain in their lives. :)

  13. Cathy

    I really enjoyed this book – it was easy to read, relatable and engaging. Reading it helped me to challenge my mindset and allowed me to rethink my situation at that time. The idea that “you are self-employed regardless of who pays you” was a really intriguing one for me and pushed me to think about my own identity outside of any particular role. Thank you!

  14. Nisha Leena Sinha Roy

    Helen makes complex easy! The framework is an excellent reference to guide, not only your professional career decisions, but also in your personal journey and pursuits in life. The Stories of the Brave section brings the application of the framework to life, through real personal journeys. I always make sure I have a few spare copies with me; they make great gifts to those seeking something more in their career and life. I highly recommend it!

  15. Niki Moorcroft

    After reading “Self Unlimited” I realised that owning my own business isn’t the only way I can take charge of my professional workspace. “Self Unlimited” tests this assumption by introducing practical ways individuals can go about influencing their own workspace (under a boss’s “reign”) through incorporating their own strategic decision making into guiding their professional actions and desires.
    I really enjoyed picking up this book on multiple occasions because it tested my thinking and motivated me to think more deeply about taking charge of my 9-5 life. I believe this book would benefit anyone wishing to think more deeply about where to go next in their professional careers.

  16. Sophia Kostava (verified owner)

    Self-unlimited (SU) played an integral part to my recovery from burn out and redirecting my career to more meaningful work. Helen so openly shares her personal experience in a way that one feels not alone in wanting more from themselves and from their work life. I felt blessed that this amazing book presented itself to me at such a pinnacle time. SU gives people agency to explore a new mindset and to press the reset button. If anyone is seeking the tools required to navigate a doubtful mindset through a tricky career change, this book is for you.

  17. Kristina

    A beautifully written book distilling the complexity of directing your career or workscape into a quick and easy to read book. ‘Self unLimited’ empowers the reader by providing a deceptively simple framework of having a self-employed mindset and taking on the relevant responsibilities to achieve your career goals. I found the ‘Stories of the Brave’ chapter invaluable in bringing the responsibilities to life and how they can be applied in different combinations. I would recommend this book to anybody who is looking for a simple and effective guide to navigate the changing world of work.

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