Value Exchange Basic Card Set (English version)

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Box of 72 cards with Instruction booklet

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A set of 72 Value Element cards with Instruction booklet, simple Ledger sheet (A4) and Poster (A4) of Key Decision Moments for doing Value Exchange Ledger Activity – held in a handy little carry bag.


But wait – there’s also an eLearning program where you can have a rich learning experience in applying the Value Exchange Ledger method, along with Value Creation Management method, to your current workscape. Take a moment to check it out.

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13 reviews for Value Exchange Basic Card Set (English version)

  1. Gilbert Kruidenier

    I forgot how to adult and had so much fun with these – they work! Thanks SelfunLimited a valuable addition to my collection.

  2. Narelle

    I watched the video (loved it btw) and followed the instructions. The cards made me think, and reinforced some of what I suspected. Interesting how words can make the thought process put the puzzle together for clarity. The cards gave me a better understanding of what is really important to me and put some other things into perspective. Really interesting activity, love it!

  3. Nisha Leena Sinha Roy

    In preparation for conversations with prospective employers, I used the cards to get clear on possible levers for negotiating my working terms and conditions. It was very helpful to set me up for flexible and open discussions on working conditions that was more than just a salary package. I was also able to be sharp and pointed about my ‘value add’ on offer, that was a little more than a credential checklist. Brilliant product, and very easy to use when preparing for such negotiations – you’ll definitely find yourself on your front foot driving the conversation! So glad to have a deck in my hands now!!

  4. Patrik

    The value exchange cards allowed me to reflect on what elements of value are truly important to me that transcend your typical sense of value that we have been conditioned to hold onto such as money. The exercise proved harder than I thought it would, but the end result spoke for itself where I become a clearer on not only the value i am after, but also the value i offer. I’ve even used the cards in my relationship to better understand my partner.

  5. Jeroen

    I noticed a LinkedIn post where these cards were mentioned and it immediately caught my attention. After using these cards in several management teams, I believe they really contribute to the dialogue on added value. Furthermore they also challenge your own perspective of the balance between giving and receiving. What can you bring to the table and what do you need in return to create the most effective result in projects you’re working on. And I use them also in Dutch.

  6. Anetta Pizag

    The Value Exchange Card Set is an excellent tool for understanding yourself and others, eliminating misunderstandings and finding common ground with people you work with (or would like to work with) including employees and employers, clients and service providers. I learned to use the cards in one of Helen Palmer’s online Value Exchange Activity sessions, which was a true eye opener. I had many realisations about developing stronger relationships at work, working better with others and creating win-wins. There are so many opportunities to use these cards!

  7. Duncan Hart (verified owner)

    The value Exchange Cards are tactile, colourful, really well made and perhaps most importantly FUN to use. They gave me the vocabulary to describe the value I can give as well as the value I’d like to receive. Try using them with a loved one, husband, wife, life partner for an added frisson of excitement and unexpectedness!

  8. Latoya Clarke-Nivore

    Simple, profound way of identifying what matters to you as an individual and how best to create situations with others where you both agree on what is important! The Value Exchange Card Set is a powerful toolkit which puts back the fun in adult decision making whilst providing clarity and focus.
    Thanks Helen for your vision!

  9. Ro Gorell (verified owner)

    Thanks Helen for the session on using these cards. They are simple to use but profound in their usefulness. I can easily see the value they will bring to working with both individuals and teams. A great additional tool for my toolkit.

  10. Carolina Vera (verified owner)

    I believe that the cards are useful and fun to use. They give clarity in a very simple way. I want to integrate them in my practice.

  11. Peter Phan (verified owner)

    Had a great time playing with these cards! I’ve always wanted to work out my “why” – why do I do what I do? What do I want to get put in and get out?

    These cards were the perfect tool to sort that out! Highly recommended :)

  12. Andrew Waugh-Young

    I really needed to recalibrate in my current role and determine what value I was putting in, and getting out. The Value Exchange cards are the perfect tool to easily determine if the value you are providing and deriving from your role, or anything in your life really, is working from your perspective. A wonderful personal resource, and a great tool in your toolkit to use with any team. Thanks, Helen!!

  13. Jen Holder

    I’ve really enjoyed using these cards as part of an annual review and personal reset. The questions provided with the deck and in the decision moments poster allowed me to ask myself in different contexts what matters most for me and helped me refine what value I give to my work and the people around me. We often underestimate and undervalue what we give back and cut ourselves short of expecting value out of what we do. This deck provided me with insights that boosted my confidence and gave me greater clarity on what I need. It’s an amazing too that can be used at any point in your career path and at any point in your life really. Such a great gift from Helen and I am so grateful for the experience.

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