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By Helen Palmer
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It’s good to learn. It’s great to learn by doing experiments. The process of experimentation is a way to tangle with uncertainty and to try something in order to learn what you don’t know that you don’t yet know. People who know how to experiment, and can use experimentation for positive impact, are the front runners for 21st century workscapes and society because they are more capable to tackle personal and collective challenges.

Who is it for

This micro program is perfect for those with a big appetite for learning. You are willing to invest directly with time, money and attention from your own personal resources. You’re ready to lead yourself in your intentions and choices for learning and development, to serve an immediate, and long-term focus. You are prepared to make decisions and take action to follow through.

What it covers

It guides you in shaping and running your own experiments. From small experiments that cover a short amount of time, with low risk and low resource impact – to bolder bigger experiments that can catalyse profound insight and change. Be inspired by what others have done, and learn how to experiment for yourself.

How it helps you

This program sets you on the path to cultivating an experimental capability that can increase your employment potential.  

It provides guidance to support you in shaping your first experiment and becoming capable of doing more experiments that focus on your workscape, not any particular organisation’s needs.

It encourages you to adopt a perspective that you can tangle with uncertainty, be okay with being wrong, and be open to things where you may have been truly ignorant. As a result, a world of untapped potential could be at your fingertips, if you dare to explore it.

What’s involved

You’ve got 35 days to digest and learn with the provided materials at your own pace. You can expect to invest 7-20 hours in reading/listening to resources and completing activities thoughtfully.

You’ll receive: 

  • Instructions for two key main activities with related canvas and templates to capture your decisions (e.g. My Experiment Canvas; Experiment Report Template; Experiment Certificate Template)
  • Articles and stories to inspire your thinking and offer supplementary perspectives
  • Reflection questions on how you will apply what you’ve learnt and explore the potential for positive impact in your life
  • Access to additional resources in the Self unLimited Folkscape that complement your learning and development, including membership to Folkscape community to engage as you wish
  • Special discount on the fantastic Self unLimited book and/or Value Exchange Cards (with code revealed to enrolled learners)
  • A certificate upon completion of the lesson

Are you ready to set yourself up for professional enrichment?

Lead self in the planning and doing the activities that enable you to be more able to meet the moment and the challenges of your current workscape and the emerging future of work!

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