Self-care for Everyday and Emergencies

By Helen Palmer
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Well-being is important at the best of times, and even more so in the worst of times. To maintain and achieve well-being requires good self-care practices for everyday and emergencies. Such practices are not something to leave to chance – they need intentional decisions and alignment to your personal circumstances to provide real benefit.

Learn how to cultivate self-care practices for your own well-being, and so you can be better prepared and able to help others in the work that you do. 

Who is it for

This micro-program is perfect for anyone looking to create a deeper understanding of their choices and intentions for self-care. If you are seeking to look beyond the tick-box tasks, and begin a reflection on your connection with self, both now, and during times of crisis, this will set you on a good path.  

Self-care starts with self, but the quality of your wellbeing impacts others. This program is also for those aware that to help others around them, they must first help themself. This is an vital imperative for leaders, coaches, and practitioners in the thick of human dynamics and complexities!

What it covers

This is a micro-program that packs a macro punch. It guides and supports you in creating meaningful plans for your general self-care as well as when the going gets tough, all the while evoking a real change of mindset.  

Through thought-provoking activities and personal reflection, you’ll explore your choices and intentions. You’ll emerge with meaningful plans and ways to share your self-care choices with others. 

Importantly, Self unLimited programs don’t give you the answers – on what you should do in self-care or other matters. Self unLimited is a framework for you to find the answers that are a good fit for you and your circumstances. 

How it helps you

It sets you on the path to building a self-care mindset.  

It provides guidance to support you in developing plans for immediate use, your future needs, and very practically, to deal with tough crisis moments.

It encourages you to look outside of self and consider how you can cultivate self-care with others in your working relationships.  

What’s involved

You’ve got 25 days to digest and learn with the provided materials at your own pace. You can expect to invest 3-5 hours for reading/listening to resources and completing the activities thoughtfully.

You’ll receive: 

  • Instructions for the activities with related canvas and template to capture your decisions
  • Articles and stories to inspire your thinking and offer supplementary perspectives
  • Reflection questions on how you will apply what you’ve learnt and explore the potential for positive impact in your life
  • Access to additional resources in the Self unLimited Folkscape that complement your self-care, including membership to Folkscape community to engage as you wish
  • Special discount on the fantastic Self unLimited book (with code revealed to enrolled learners)
  • A certificate upon completion of the lesson

Are you ready to set yourself up for great well-being?

Increasing your well-being is just the beginning. Establish a self-care mindset and maintain that sense of well-being with the right guidance to better navigate the challenges in your workscape today. 

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