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By Helen Palmer
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The world as we know it has changed and it’s something none of us could see coming. For some, jobs dynamics have changed dramatically, or hours have reduced. For others, jobs may be on hold or have disappeared altogether.

And this shift in life dynamics has affected everyone. From those starting their working life in a very different world, through to retirees who are left wondering how they can still contribute.

It’s a time where people have, more than ever before, begun to look at their current life and make decisions as to what they want to gain from working. There’s never been a better time to re-evaluate what you want.

And no one can give you the answers to what you want to do. That’s something you need to work out for yourself, with a little guidance of course! This self-paced learning program encourages you to explore important questions, such as:

  • What values are important to me in my workscape?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What value do I want to contribute and create in my workscape?

Over 120 days, you’ll receive access to resources and advice from Helen Palmer, creator of Self unLimited, that will help you shape and navigate your personal workscape.

The intention of Self unLimited is to take a fresh look at work. It’s about you AT work, and your thoughts ABOUT work. You’ll discover how to define yourself and your relationship to work, without referring to your job or employer.

Who is it for

This course is perfect for anyone from 16-86 who is looking for clarity for their work-life:

  • Graduates (secondary or tertiary) starting their working life in a new world that’s full of uncertainty and new ways of working (that career advisors couldn’t have predicted and taught you about!)
  • Experienced employees pondering significant changes, whether it be due to changes in job dynamics or an awakening to the possibilities of a different approach
  • Retirees redefining their waking hours: helping on committees, being involved in local charities and social enterprises, sitting on Boards, mentoring, taking on part-time gigs
  • Individuals adrift between gigs or in a state of unemployment and needing to rethink direction

What it covers

Self unLimited programs don’t give you the answers. Self unLimited is a framework for you to find the answers that are important to you. This learning program is a healthy mix of thinking and action that will create a fresh mindset and equip you with new tools. You’ll discover:

  • The key concepts of Self unLimited thinking: Scenarios; Responsibilities and Workscapes of the Self unLimited adventure
  • Topics addressing key questions to explore different aspects of five of the seven Responsibilities
  • Six Activities to help you redefine your choices around working:
    • Redefining your relationship to work and being in charge of your workscape
    • Defining the values that will guide your actions and decisions
    • Establishing guidelines for how others might work best with you
    • Writing a script to introduce self to others
    • Developing a personal program of self-learning and enrichment
    • Specifying the value you seek and contribute in your workscape

If you’d like more information, please download an outline of the program (PDF).

How it helps you

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, are unhappy with your current situation, or you’re wondering if what you’re doing is really how you want to be working, this program will help you.

These are the outcomes we had in mind when we designed the program, and about Self unLimited in general. It’s up to you to decide what you will gain, and what is valuable to you.

  • Insight – about yourself, about your relationship to work, and about the changing nature of work, providing you with fuel for action
  • Clarity – for the changes you want to make, a useful direction to head and what outcomes are personally desirable
  • Empowerment – realisation of what is in your control and a surge of energy to get you moving and making progress on your chosen path
  • New mindset – a perspective that shifts you from where you are, opening up new possibilities
  • Fresh work practices – practical actions that embody the new mindset, and activate your potential to be a truly modern employee
  • Enablement – advice and connections to support you as you navigate the workscape you are shaping

What’s involved

This program is self-paced, and you’ve got 120 days to explore and learn. You can expect to invest 18-25 hours for reading/listening to resources and completing the activity thoughtfully.

You’ll receive:

  • 6 modules (covering 17 lessons) with content to watch, listen to, read and do
  • 14 videos from Master Adventurer, Helen Palmer, with her thoughts and explanations about becoming Self unLimited
  • 6 step-by-step activity instructions with colourful canvases to complete and personal artefacts to make
  • 24 stories and articles to expand your thinking and inspire your decisions
  • 17 sets of reflection questions for a personal Learning Journal; questions on how you will apply the knowledge and exploring the potential for positive impact in your life.

Upon completion of all the lessons, you’ll receive a certificate.


Are you ready to find your answers?

Gain clarity around your current situation and find the answers within to learn how you want to navigate the world of work. Remember: Work – it’s not what you do; it’s how you do it!

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