Get started on your Self unLimited adventure with these free activities to guide you and stories to inspire you.

Ready for more? Our book contains different stories and activities, and our workshops include other valuable activities that you can work on with others and under the guidance of a master adventurer.

Resources Audit and Budget (pdf)
In being responsible for Self unLimited, you will have and acquire resources. Use this activity to make choices about what resources you want, and how much you are willing to spend to access those resources.
Professional Enrichment Plan (pdf)
Move from a professional development plan, which addresses your gaps, to a professional enrichment plan, which enriches what you know and can do.
Self-care Calendar for Change (pdf)
Commit to a month of self-care activity to develop new habits and embed self-care mindset with this calendar of daily actions (A3 size). Use this calendar or be inspired to make your own.
Vocational Highlights (pdf)
Your life has highlights – some about achievement, others about a meaningful experience you had. These highlight moments have shaped who you are – use this activity to reflect on them, uncover their influence, and to re-use them in shaping your Self unLimited.
New Job Expectations (pdf)
When you start a new job, there is lots of excitement, hope, and often undeclared expectations about what you will get from the job. Use this activity to define them, and to re-evaluate during difficult times.
Activity-Time Budget (pdf)
This technique helps you use your precious, finite resource of time wisely in activities that are the most valuable for your work.


There are stories to read (below) and to listen to on podcast (first episode coming early February 2018).

Caron Margarete “The light bulb moment could not have been brighter. It was my choice. It was my Rule.”
Read Caron’s Story
 Jules Livingstone  Jule’s story coming late Jan 2018