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What’s better than reading┬ásomeone’s story? Hearing their story!

In a limited series of podcasts, listen to five people navigating Self unLimited adventures.

Be inspired.

Be enlightened.

Be encouraged.



Episode 1: Hearing from Emma
Helen and Emma Smart chat about how Emma unLimited is shaping up since we read her story in the Self unLimited book. She shares what lessons she’s learning as she runs her own creative business in her early 30s.



Episode 2: Hearing from Lisa
Helen and Lisa Weber chat about how Lisa unLimited is shaping up since she attended a virtual class. She’s working Scenario 2 (employee with extra-curricular activities) in a large multi-national organisation, and has useful advice for people in a workscape like her.



Episode 3: Coming in April 2018


Episode 4: Coming in May 2018


Episode 5: Coming in June 2018

Podcasts available from iTunes for download and listening at a time and place of your choosing.


The music used on the podcast is “Talk Back” by Jay Man