Is Self unLimited for me?

Readiness Quiz

Self unLimited is not for everyone. You need to being ready to think and act differently. Discover how ready you are …

For at least five kinds of people

Students and Recent Graduates

Figure 02 M

You are at the start of your working life – your workscape is newly forming. You’re focused on getting (or doing well) in your first job, and earning income to pay for the costs that come with being an adult. You don’t want to look much further ahead than that; but you do want to establish good practices to position yourself for the future.

Young People

Figure 03 L

You have been working for a few years now, and settled into a pattern of working life. You are looking around, and ahead – checking if you are heading somewhere useful. You are open to considering worthy changes before you become constrained by other life choices. You would value some focus right now, with a dash of challenge. 

People in Mid Life

Figure 11 E

You have many years experience and life choices behind you. But many years of possibility still ahead – retirement is a long way off. You would like some inspiration to re-energise you. You sense that it’s time to engage with the changing nature of work, and update yourself. You are ready to invest in self and explore what could be different.  


Figure 10 L

You aren’t ready to stop – and what is retirement, really anyway?! You’ve still got skills and energy to contribute. You want to have a positive impact in the world doing things that are work-like but with greater autonomy than before. And possibly without a pay cheque – there’s other value you seek to create at this time of your life!

Between gigs/ Unemployed

Figure 04 U

You are not currently working in paid employment. You’ve  been made redundant; or your contract expired without being renewed. It’s an uncomfortable uncertain time for you. You want to be working, with income and other value that comes in being employed. You seek support to orientate yourself to finding good opportunities.


1. Will Self unLimited help me find a job? There is much in Self unLimited mindset and practices that can help you be a highly valuable employee. The value comes in the application of what you learn and how it upgrades your personal capabilities. (We don’t expect employers to think highly of you for simply having a certificate that you attended or completed our training.)

2. Will Self unLimited help me decide what kind of job is right for me? Maybe. We don’t have a perspective of what kind of job is right for you. That’s something for you to figure out. We do ask good questions and provide activities to explore possibilities for shaping a new version of yourself and roles that might fit. Where that leads can be a surprising and revealing.

3. Is Self unLimited career coaching? We don’t think in terms of ‘career’ which we think is a limiting concept. We think in terms of a ‘workscape‘ – where there is a lot of creative possibility about how and where you do something work-like. We do offer coaching because we understand that it’s helpful to have support and guidance when you orientate yourself to a new way of thinking and acting. Our coaching covers anything you want or need to explore in your workscape.

4. Is Self unLimited only for individuals? Self unLimited focuses on the individual. However, as an individual you are likely to be part of a team. If you have a Team Leader who is looking for Team Development opportunities, then some of the Self unLimited ideas can be explored and applied to a group of individuals for collective goodness. It makes sense because all our personal workscapes overlap and can benefit from shared ways of thinking and working. See Questo’s Self unLimited for Teams series.