For people in late workscape

You aren’t ready to stop – and what is retirement, really anyway?! You’ve still got skills and energy to contribute. You want to have a positive impact in the world doing things that are work-like but with greater autonomy than before. And possibly without a pay cheque – there’s other value you seek to create at this time of your life!


It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.
~ Jane Fonda


How Self unLimited helps you

When you embrace being Self unLimited, these things happen:

  • You find a new sense of purpose for how you use your time and personal resources to do something good in the world. It gives you energy and vitality.
  • You create value for yourself and others, because you have value to contribute and a desire to be useful.
  • You find fresh ways to utilise the talents and experience you have; and learn new things along the way to enrich what you have to offer even more.


Start your adventure here

From the Self unLimited collection of resources, we recommend for you:

  • Story: Pam Guy shares about how she got a new sense of value for her work
  • Story: Raymond T shares about how he’s shaping his late workscape now that he’s a self-funded retiree
  • Article: Burning out or boring out? – rethink what it is that is blocking your creative energies
  • Podcast: Episode 29: Hear from Catherine Grenfell on doing discoverment, rather than retirement
  • Activity: Value Exchange Ledger to re-examine what you you have to contribute and what value you seek to create for self and others
  • Concept: Essential mindsets of being Self unLimited to orientate yourself to a new way of thinking about your relationship to work-like activity


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Options for learning

From the Self unLimited learning options, we recommend for you:

  • Individual session: Virtual Coaching for a personalised conversation focused on where you are at/going
  • Group session: Tutorial sessions for a short single session focusing on one new practice

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