For students and recent graduates

You are at the start of your working life – your workscape is newly forming. You’re focused on getting (or doing well) in your first job, and earning income to pay for the costs that come with being an adult. You don’t want to look much further ahead than that; but you do want to establish good practices to position yourself for the future.


Perhaps we cannot raise the winds. But each of us can put up the sail,
so that when the wind comes we can catch it.

~ E. F. Schumacher


How Self unLimited helps you

When you embrace being Self unLimited, these things happen:

  • You make yourself a more attractive employee for organisations; because you have extra skills and abilities that aren’t generally listed on a resume or position description – but are highly valued in day-to-day activity.
  • You unlock potential that is hidden or quietly emerging. You give your potential the space to turn into possibilities for which you couldn’t plan or previously imagine.


Start your adventure here

From the Self unLimited collection of resources, we recommend for you:


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Options for learning

From the Self unLimited learning options, we recommend for you:

  • eLearning Program: First Steps for Self unLimited for an affordable self-paced on-demand way to learn
  • Individual session: Virtual Coaching for a personalised conversation focused on where you are at/going
  • Group session: Tutorial sessions for a short single session focusing on one new practice
  • Personal support and advice: Coaching Session with a friendly experienced coach to explore actions and choices – at a very affordable price especially for students and graduates on tight budgets.


 Who else is Self unLimited for?