Value Exchange Concept

The concept of Value Exchange is key to an individual making choices in their workscape about Value. The basic exchange of Value is between self as an Employee, and the organisation who is their Employer.

When people do the Value Exchange Ledger activity and define what Value they seek to receive (aka claim or create) and what Value they want to contribute – there are moments of relief and delight. With this potent knowledge, they use their personal power to make plans, they reset their expectations, stress is reduced, and creativity is released.

Read about the concept in detail in this article: A Value-based approach to shaping your workscape

Listen to creator Helen Palmer, share about the concept:

Value Exchange Cards

We created a handy deck of cards with a selection of Value Elements to reflect on and plan value-based changes to your workscape. Available in English and Dutch.

Basic Card Set contains:

  • 69 Employee Value Element cards
  • 3 Blank cards for adding new Value Elements to your set
  • Instruction booklet for doing basic Value Exchange Ledger activity
  • Value Exchange Ledger Sheet (A4 size; also available to download and print: English and Dutch)
  • Key Value-based Decision Moments Poster (A4 size; also available to download and print: English and Dutch

For a premium experience, buy deck of cards that come with a game-board quality Value Exchange Ledger Board (instead of paper Ledger Sheet). Ledger Board is English only.

For guided support when you first use the cards, buy a virtual coaching session and receive complimentary deck of cards (any language).

Cards with Ledger Board

Save when you buy the Self unLimited book and cards together.

For learning at your own pace, own place and on-demand, enrol in the eLearning micro program: Creating a Valuable Workscape. Two lessons included: Creating your Value Exchange Ledger; and using that knowledge in Value Creation Planning. Cards cost extra, but discount code available to purchase at same-time.

Who are the cards for?

We recommend the cards for use in the following situations:

  • Individual Person facing key decision moments in their workscape:
    • When looking for a job
    • When starting a job with an organisation (or a gig with a client)
    • When dissatisfied in a job in an organisation
    • When planning for your future workscape – beyond the current gig
  • Coach working with an individual employee with various workscape challenges:
    • When made redundant and seeking a positive way forward
    • When planning a workscape transition
  • Team Lead or Manager working with an individual or team of employees working through workscape challenges:
    • When calibrating as a team to work together effectively
    • When planning work together
  • Guidance or Career Counsellor working with individuals to set a positive approach to entering or exiting their workscape:
    • When looking for a job
    • When exploring what else or what next

For a full set of Key Value-based Decision Moments, download the handy poster: English and Dutch

Get set, Go!

Extra Activity

Learn about use of cards beyond Basic Set of Instructions


Learn what others have experienced in using
the cards


Get free poster (A4) of 10 Key Value-based Decision Moments

Collecting Feedback

We’d love to hear from you. Please share with us:

  • A suggestion for additional Value Elements to add to the collection
  • A story about doing the Value Exchange Ledger activity and getting a great outcome
  • A new Decision Moment for doing the Value Exchange Ledger activity

Feedback for VX Cards