Value Exchange Stories and Experiences

People like you have used the Value Exchange Activity Cards and had positive experiences. They share their thoughts here:


This activity helped me to appreciate and place real value on the work I currently do. This was no cookie cutter approach! A highly recommended way to explore possibilities and get out of it what you need.
~ Joanne Mihelcic, Consultant


Having used the Value Exchange Activity in a brilliant workshop with Helen – it got people thinking and revealed how much they cared about their work and how low they valued income. Back in the office, Managers picked up the Value Exchange Activity in their own teams to have a deeper conversation about what matters.
~ Michelle O’Sullivan, Senior Manager – OD, Land Use Victoria


A bit of calm finally and I want to thank you for the time and value you’ve added to my view and perspective on guiding my future!
I’ve recently made a decision to change my professional path – and amidst our current state of social health issues I wondered, did I make the right choice? But thanks to your guidance with the Value Exchange Activity, I have clarity and consider that the choice was right. Thank you sincerely again!
~ Latoya Nivore, Change Management Director


I didn’t realise the depth and power of the cards until I used them. They bring clarity, insight and a renewed sense of adventure for life!
~ Matt Mulrine, Coach and Advisor


I’m feeling really good about my upcoming Performance Review. Even if my boss only reads my thoughts on Value her own and we don’t have time to discuss, I’m glad I mapped out my Value Exchange. I probably saved about 2-3 hours of time struggling with words simply by doing the card exercise in 20 minutes over lunch. AMAZING!
~ Anon


I really appreciate the value element cards. They’re such a great idea. I used them recently: There was a potential job opportunity that was going to be advertised, so I had a chat with the would-be supervisor to understand more about the role. I had already picked out my top value elements, and used them to show what value I could provide and what value I was looking for. It helped both of us realise that that particular job opportunity was not a great fit, but at least it was one I could then cross off the list! I’m sure I will keep using the cards in future conversations.

~ Claudia Feiloivao, Corporate Innovation Lead